Geek News Weekly on iTunes

After making the decision to go video only, I saw a considerable drop in our audience.  It turns out people really like to listen to us talk, which I have to admit is a lot more entertaining than just watching us talk (we're working on that), so in addition to doing the video, we'll be posting the audio back to iTunes.  You can subscribe by clicking here.

I had my reasons for going video only:

  1. GarageBand dropped support for podcasting.  It was a great one stop podcast recording resource, but sadly, Apple did not agree.
  2. Podcast hosting costs were unbelievable, and we weren't making enough money through our sponsors to break even.  I know there are free hosts out there, but they are very limited and smear their branding all over your work, and some seem to have issues with you making money off of your own work.  Video hosting services on the other hand, are free, so this was a no brainer:  Go video, post to YouTube and Vimeo.

Now I'm using a great new web hosting service that I moved Jittery Robot over to, and included in that cost is the ability to host audio files, and set them up as podcasts that iTunes will recognize.  So all I need to do is publish 'audio only' while exporting the videos to Vimeo and YouTube, and I have a decent audio file that I can upload to my website, that you can download via iTunes.

I think I'll just stick with iTunes only this time.  I didn't see enough activity through Stitcher, Miro, BlackBerry and Windows Phone podcasting services to really bother with it at this point...and iTunes will remain audio only for us.  If you want to watch the show on your Apple TV, you can use the YouTube and Vimeo Apps.  

See?  Everybody wins!

Equipment: Lighting

Since we made the switch to video, I found that something were were really lacking was proper lighting. To remedy this, we've gone so far as to sit near a window, use the ceiling lights in my dining room, bring in floor lamps from other rooms, and even going so far as to remove the lamp from my drafting table and aiming it at us from behind the camera.

This makeshift method has worked for us so far, but not as well as it could. I mean, it would look a lot better if all the lights used the same light bulbs. Today, I found some cheap lights on Amazon, and they look like they'll make a nice addition to our gear.

It doesn't look like it's the best lighting gear out there, but for our purposes it will be fine. We'll have them running for maybe two hours a week, which means cheap lights like these will be more than sufficient until we can afford some nice LED panels.

Also, we'd like to set up a green screen for future episodes, and this set up looks like it would be perfect for properly lighting the background/foreground.

Given what they cost, compared to the higher end products out there, you can't go wrong. If you want to see how they look in action, check out our episodes of Geek News Weekly in January 2014, as well as episodes 5 & 6 of Emz Geekery.

Until then, click the image for more info on the lights, or if you want to support the show and get a set of your own.

Cowboystudio Photography/Video Studio Umbrella Continuous Lighting Kit  

Cowboystudio Photography/Video Studio Umbrella Continuous Lighting Kit



New Website!

The previous web host was a little unreliable, so I decided it was time to find a new online home for Jittery Robot.
We've had a decent level of success in the past when it came hosting sites on Squarespace, so we're going back. I don't know how many free trial accounts we went through while trying to decide which service was the right fit for the site.

Right now I'm in the early stages setting everything up, and playing with new new layouts. I wouldn't expect any new posts at the old site, but I've imported everything already, so you're not missing much!

In other news, we've started doing video versions of the shows, so if you haven't downloaded the audio shows yet, you might want to do so before the links stop working, we're in the YouTube world now!

We posted episode 2 of Emz Geekery this weekend, an will be assembling episodes 3 & 4 this weekend, as well as episode 31 of Geek News Weekly, which will be our first video episode. Then we'll work on episodes of a new series!

Busy winter ahead.